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The Ranks of

CUB SCouts

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The first rank any Cub Scout earns is the Bobcat Badge (accept for Lions, they earn this as a Tiger). The Bobcat badge must be earned before any other ranks are earned.  The Bobcat requirements are in every Scout’s handbook and your den leader will make sure your scout has everything they need to succeed. The last requirement for this badge, which covers the child protection exercise, is in the blue pamphlet at the front of the manual and must be completed at home with the Scout’s parent or an adult guardian. The remainder of the requirements can be completed either at home or with the scout’s Den Leader. Every requirement for every badge is also available online. 

It is not necessary to purchase a handbook, unless you want to follow along.

You can visit our "Earning the First Rank" page, dedicated to Bobcat, for all the details.

*All rank handbooks are linked to each badge above and are also accessible online.

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After scouts earn their Bobcat Badge, they earn one rank badge each year based on their age. The purpose of each year is personal growth.  There are five ranks in Cub Scouts before they transition from the Cub Scout Pack to the Scouts BSA Troop.  The highest rank a Cub Scout can receive is the Arrow of Light.  We have a page dedicated to this achievement, too.

(Once a Cub crosses to a Scouts BSA Troop, they are on the path to Eagle Scout. 

Eagle is the highest rank a scout can earn.)  

Tigers, Wolves and Bears earn "Adventure Belt Loops." Some loops are required to achieve rank, others are elective. All metal loops slide on the their scout belt to be worn with pride.  Webelos and Arrow of Lights earn pins, which are worn on their "Colors".  Colors are pinned on their Colors which hang from their right shoulder.

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  • Girls and boys in kindergarten are Lion Cubs and are working towards earning their Lion Badge.
  • Girls and boys in 1st grade are Tiger Cubs and are working towards earning their Tiger Cub Badge.
  • Girls and boys in 2nd grade are Wolf Scouts and are working towards earning their Wolf Badge.
  • Girls and boys in 3rd grade are Bear Scouts and are working towards earning their Bear Badge.
  • Girls and boys in 4th grade are Webelos and are working towards earning their Webelos Badge.
  • Girls and boys in 5th grade are Arrow of Light Scouts and are working towards earning the highest honor in Cub Scouts, the Arrow of Light.
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