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This page is designed to keep you updated with COVID Pack announcements, as well as,  state, county, city, or township governing body changes that impact the way we conduct scouting. Our goal is to help keep our scouting family safe.  Please see our Cubmaster's message and ask your den leader for updates specific to your den's meeting times and locations, or changes that may arise due to weather. We will continue to keep this page as current as possible.  Please ask your den leader for access to Pack 222's COVID waiver. Our Cubmaster's message is printable if you need it for any reason.

A message from our Cubmaster:

Event specific release waivers:



July 30, 2021

The novel coronavirus, COVID-19, has been declared a global pandemic by the World Health Organization. The virus and its variants are recognized to be extremely contagious and easily transmitted from person-to-person when people are in close contact.  While the scientific data and medical knowledge concerning this contagion continues to evolve and is subject to change, the virus is known to be spread from person-to-person via the respiratory system.  It can also be transmitted by contact with contaminated surfaces and objects. 

Although many people do exhibit common signs associated with the virus once infected, it has been determined that some people may be infected and yet display no signs or symptoms at all.  Therefore, detection of the virus can be difficult, and prevention is the best medicine.  Since there is no approved vaccine for children under twelve, we must continue to safeguard our children and parents and leaders alike, with mask and social distancing recommendations.

Cub Scout Pack 222 remains conscious of the potential impact that the coronavirus (COVID-19) can have on any individual, regardless as to age or pre-existing conditions.  Infection is non-selective and as a result, exposure and transmission are serious issues for all members of our Pack.

While we cannot prevent against the presence of the disease and we cannot eliminate the potential for exposure, we can be diligent about reducing risk and limiting the spread of the virus.  In this endeavor, Pack 222 will adhere to all CDC guidelines, follow all governmental rules and regulations of North Carolina and consider any other reasonable recommendations to stop the spread of COVID-19.  This will include but not be limited to, compliance with the mask mandate, social distancing, limiting the number of people permitted to gather, conducting activities and events outside, providing hand sanitizer when hand washing is not possible and minimizing contact with shared objects.  Furthermore, in association with our Charter Organization, Pack 222 has developed protocols for screening participants and disinfecting surfaces for events that require these precautions.

Pack 222 will continue to consult with the Mecklenburg County Council of Boy Scouts and the Huntersville United Methodist Church (our Charter Organization) to determine best practices for our scouting program.  We will seek professional advice whenever appropriate on how to, among other things, safely host activities and events, conduct scout meetings, and provide for advancement for our scouts. 

Our objective is prevention and we will use all possible precautions and mitigation strategies to achieve our goal.  Despite these efforts, we ask that each participant evaluate their unique circumstances and make an informed decision before attending any in-person scouting activities.  We also ask that anyone participating in a Pack 222 sponsored activity or event, complete our COVID-19 waiver.

On behalf of Pack 222, I will attest to our desire to keep all our Cub Scout families safe.  Our scouts are our most valued assets and we intend to protect each, and every one of them, their families, and our leaders.


Scott Whitlock

Scott Whitlock


Pack 222


1. Dens meetings are held outside, with the exception of inclement weather, until further notice.  Rain dates or other weather may cause meetings to move to zoom on a case-by- case basis. Changes will be sent the evening of meeting, from your den leader or Cubmaster.

2. Mask mandates will follow NC state requirements. 

3. We will be meeting in small numbers (by dens) and social distancing during weekly meetings.

4.  Hand sanitizer will be available and hand washing indoors when accessible per the Charter Organization.

5. Please bring your own outdoor camp chairs, water bottles, sunscreen, bug spray, and any other personal supplies requested by your den leader, to weekly den meetings.  Doing your part to limit shared items will help protect us all. 

We look forward to another fun and robust scouting year!

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