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Let Pack 222 "light your fire" this fall and winter.

Please purchase our pinecone fire starters and support our pack...information below.

Pinecones fund.png
Pinecones fund.png

Cub Scouting is a volunteer organization.  We fundraise to help support camping, activities, and events like the Pinewood Derby.  We hope you want to support our Pack and help keep us scouting, building character for generations to come!

For more information about our Pack or for information on Cub Scouting, please contact Christi Chiappone-Stout  (704) 975-2987.

Our Pinecone fire starters are perfect for starting your OUTDOOR firepit or fireplace fires!
One Pinecone starts one fire.  Every Pinecone is:

- Completely consumed and environmentally safe
- Leaves no harmful residue or smoke
- The perfect conversation starter :)

To order Pinecone fire starters
please contact: Allison Sturdivant (704) 779-8505.


Depending on the size of the pinecones, there are 3 to 4 fire starter pinecones in each pack.  Each Pinecone has been hand-dipped in our special wax and can only be used in OUTDOOR fireplaces or firepits.  THESE ARE SO MUCH FUN TO USE!

Directions are provided with each pinecone and bag!

A  pinecone joke:      Why don't pine trees eat salad?               
Because they are coniferous !


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