Pinewood Derby®

Pinewood Derby® is one of the most iconic brands associated with the Boy Scouts of America. Introduced in 1953, Pinewood Derby® promotes and encourages imagination, craftsmanship, and sportsmanship among youth ages 6-10. Today, more than 100 million Pinewood Derby® cars have been built by youth in this gravity based racing activity.Pinewood Derby® has become one of America’s favorite activities and past time for family fun.


Dream it


Build it



Race it

The Pack supplies you with yout Pinewood Derby Car kit, your leaders will make sure you have one.  Our Pack has a build day, but you are also to build your car on your own or during one of charlotte's offered days.

Do your research so you are PREPARED.  Read your official rules for car specifications. Consider "awards" themes when designing.  Draw out your car design to be cut out at our saw night workshop.

Race-Car Check-In:  Make sure you check-in your car and are ready to go on race day!  We will have a "pit crew" for check-in, weigh-in, minor repairs and graphite applications.  Refer to your offical rules for specifications.

PACK 222 Pinewood Derby information:

December 11, 2019- Pinewood Derby Kits Distributed By Leaders

January 11, 2020- Pack Saw Night Workshop

February 7, 2020- 6:00-8:00PM Registration.

There is $5 charge for family and friends "Open Race" entries.

February 8, 10:30AM- 2:00PM Race Day and Pack Meeting

March 21, 2020- Mecklenburg County Council Race Day

Pinewood Derby Race Day Instructions:

  1. All scouts should wear their Class A Uniforms, this is a pack special event. 

  2. Pack Racers check-in time is between 10:30-11:00AM. Racers will pick-up their driver passes and info during registration the night prior to racing. Anyone not completely registered prior to 11:00AM race day cannot compete for a trophy. We will have our annual pack picture taken prior to the races. There will be refreshments and snacks available for purchase. You may bring snacks, too.

  3. Open Friends and Family Racers check-in time is the same with registration the night before.

  4. Award category judging begins at 11:00AM.

  5. Races are managed electronically.  Cars from various dens are raced together, but judged by rank.  Small breaks are provided between race heats.

  6. First race begins after opening race announcements at 11:30 AM.

  7. Trophy and Awards recognition is tentatively scheduled to begin at 1:30PM.

  8. Please help with clean-up post awards; many hands make for light work!

 Please invite friends and other families to attend this spectacular event!  We can't wait to see your creativity!

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